Our Security Features

Operation Center

  • Operation entrance will have an official entry/exit in the security rooms and in the standard data center.
  • Non-contact type IC card
  • Randomized 10 key password
  • Surveillance Camera

Network Security

Regarding network security, your company and our operation center will interact on a dedicated line or IP VPN. This interaction will use standard data encryption methods such as a Secured Socket Layer (SSL). However, imported data in e-mail attachments will not be subjected to our secured server connection.

Additional Network Security

  • Firmware settings are updated periodically.
  • The aforementioned aspects of our network security are guaranteed to be consistently implemented.
  • Always connected with a secondary internet connection during emergencies.

ISMS Certification

Since July 2005 GLOVALEX Okinawa Co., Ltd. is certified with the international standard for information security management [in compliance with ISO / IEC27001: 2005 and JIS Q 27001:. 2006].
The authentication certifies the company's high level of information security management and maintenance.
In order to continue to provide more secure, high-quality solutions in the future of information maintenance and security management, we will strive for constant improvements in the quality of service.


GLOVALEX America Inc.

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+1 (702) 818-1764
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